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Of all the ice creams I've ever tasted, my favourite is by far pistachio.  I have always loved the flavour of pistachio, one because the flavour is just absolutely amazing and two because it reminds me of my dad.  When I was younger my dad used to bring home pistachios, but they would more times than not be the red ones.  I always loved the red pistachios more because they reminded me of Ketchup chips (even though I highly despised them), but I loved the fact that they would leave your fingers red after you'd eaten far too many than you probably should of.  Still to this day I love my red pistachios, but it's definitely been years since I've had those.
Last night as I was doing my nightly blog perusing I came across a recipe for pistachio soft-serve.  Immediately I wanted to smack myself in the head, why had I never made pistachio soft-serve before?  The plan for my breakfast this morning wasn't too exciting, so I decided to swap that with the pistachio soft-serve, and hot dang, it was heavenly.  Unfortunately I'd eaten my avocado the day before in my couscous salad so I didn't have any left, but with the other ingredients that were in the soft-serve it was heavenly.  I will definitely be buying an avocado for the next time I made this, because it will definitely be made again, and soon.

This is the perfect way to have my favourite ice cream without having to have any bad ingredients, or non-vegan ingredients.  What I love about this was the addition of almonds and pistachios, both ingredients are prevalent yet neither outweighs the other, it's just pure perfection.

I cannot wait to have this again, if you are a huge fan of almonds/pistachios this is surely a great snack, dessert or breakfast for you!  Dig in.

Almond Pistachio Soft Serve

Recipe adapted from here

  • 1 1/2 large bananas, frozen and cut into chunks
  • 3/4 tsp almond extract
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • A nice big handful of pistachios, divided
  • A few splashes of soy milk

Place your bananas and soy milk in the bowl of your food processor.  Mix until well incorporated, add in your extracts and half of the pistachios.  Make sure to mix until desired ice cream consistency comes, but do not overmix or it will melt.  Scoop into your bowl and top with remaining pistachios.

Have you tried making your favourite ice cream flavour to a soft-serve version?

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