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Best of 2010, Hello 2011!

Happy New Year again!

I know I blogged yesterday, but I didn't really talk about New Years, instead I talked about my anniversary with Jordan. New Years Eve was incredibly exciting, probably the best one I have celebrated up to date. I was intending on staying home, because a couple of weeks before New Years Jordan's parents had decided that they were going to take the family to Nathan Phillip's Square in Toronto, however, they had asked if my mom and her boyfriend would want to join and get a hotel so that I could go to. Unfortunately that wasn't the case since they had decided to go to Montreal. I wasn't really interested in partying because it would more than likely be with people that I'm not really interested in hanging out with since my good friends had decided to go out of town.

Well, it was two days after our anniversary, Jordan's parents came in the afternoon to pick him up and head downtown for the night. After about ten or so minutes I had gotten a call from Jordan's dad asking if I wanted them to turn back and come pick me up, I said no since it was a family thing and was more than happy spending it at home with my cats. However, he asked a few more times and I said sure. I really was appreciative that they did this because it was a lot of fun.

We headed downtown, brought all of our stuff into the hotel. After taking a couple shots we walked down a few blocks and found a Thai restaurant. It was really good, I had bean curd and veggies, incredibly delicious. We then headed back to the hotel and hung out for a couple of hours. We decided to make our way down to Nathan Phillips (which we could see from our hotel room which was completely amazing) at about 9 o'clock. It was so warm out it was wonderful. It was supposed to pour and that didn't happen so it was awesome!

We stayed out until 11:30 pm. We saw Divine Brown, Shawn Desman (his brother), Kids Wearing Crowns, The Stereo's and I believe that was it. The performers weren't amaziiiing but it was lots of fun. Jordan's sister and I brought lots of energy which seemed to pump those around us. Unfortunately at around 11:00 pm lots of creepy Torontonians were coming out (I am NOT a Toronto person at all, they give me the heebs to be completely honest), there was one in particular who just freaked us all out. Needless to say at this point we were all getting very freaked, annoyed and anxious so we made our way back to the hotel. We sat at the windowsill, talked, reminisced about the year and at 11:58 pm I realized it was almost 2011. It was fun, we were watching it live, and had it turned on on the tv too (which we realized had a ten second delay), so I had first started the countdown (looking at the tv) at 25 seconds, then looked "live" and realized it was 15 seconds until 2011. 10, 9, 8, 7.... 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We clinked our glasses, about a minute or so later got a kiss from Jor and we watched the fireworks, it was beautiful. After talking for about an hour or so more we decided to go to sleep. The next day we stayed in the hotel until about 2 in the afternoon, packed our stuff, got out of the hotel, made way to a sushi restaurant then went to Jordan's grandfathers. We had dinner there, spent a couple of hours, then made Jordan and I got dropped off at my place. We then finished the evening off by watching a couple episodes of Fringe.

So that is how I spent my New Years Eve + day, hope yours was as much as mine was.

At the beginning of each year, most people set out resolutions for what they want to modify to their "life" for the next year. Now, most people make resolutions and end up breaking them about a week or two into the new year. Myself however, I am not like that... I am one of those people that if I write something down, or I tell myself something I make it the holy word. Last year I stuck with my resolution all through out and I'm hoping the same thing happens this year.

This year my resolutions are as so:
  • To put some weight on, so far I am up a few already (I actually started my resolution early and started on the 28th)
  • To not worry about my weight so much (I'm hoping that with time I will talk more about ... some of these issues)
  • To weigh myself once a week
  • To start eating healthier again, and not just binging on ice cream, cookies and cake
  • To make a weekly meal plan and sticking with it
  • To feel happier about myself/life
  • To continue blogging, and learning about nutrition
  • Start working out regularly again
I know that the majority of these have to do with weight, but over the past couple of months I have struggled with that. As above, I am hoping that with time I will have more confidence and will be able to talk about it, until then, I want to focus on my resolutions and get healthier physically and psychologically. These aren't the easiest of goals, but they also aren't the hardest. These are all goals that are incredibly important to me and I know I need to work on them so I will do so.

I would love if some of you would share your resolutions with me, so that we could encourage each other because sometimes just getting a little encouragement from others can really make a difference.

On this post, I am not going to be posting any new recipes as I am going to post my twelve favourite desserts of the year. I mean, I have made way too many desserts that this was incredibly difficult, but these were ones that came to mind when I thought of the best! I didn't want to do meals because well I just felt like doing desserts :P.
Green Tea Almond Thumbprints
Anise Drop Cookies x2 ;)
Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with/without Banana

Red Velvet Caramel Chip Cookies
Cranberry Apple Streusel Pie
Anise Ice cream

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Anonymous said...

I love your new year resolutions.

Mine are enjoy life, laugh lots, let go of the past and stay healthy.

Sam, you are a smart cookie, and on the right path.
I look forward to your future postings.