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Paprika Tilapia with Paprika Potatoes

Tilapia & Potatoes

Oh man I knew when I saw the tilapia that it was definitely a must-try. I was really stuck on what to make for dinner one night and had a ton of red potatoes in the fridge so I decided to give these recipes a try, boy am I glad I did. I really really enjoyed both of these recipes. The ONLY thing that went wrong was that... well, apparently I sometimes like to close my eyes when I'm cooking... with that being said there was definitely an overload of cayenne pepper, hahaha. I thought I had paprika in my hand, then realized the bottle was way too small to be paprika. Moral of the story when you have two same coloured spices, and you need two different measurements from each make sure to read the label or at least remember which spice is in your hand ;). Other than just needing a lot of water in hand it was an excellent meal!

Enjoy :)

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