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Mini Baked Doughnuts

Recipe taken from here

Just a heads up there will be lots of pictures, it's because I loved them all and honestly couldn't choose which to show, so I chose five :)

Attempt number two on doughnuts. This time my doughnuts actually rised, but they didn't rise to the potential they could of been if only I had of added yeast! Duhh... the consistency of the doughnut wasn't exactly "doughnut-ish" it was more of a ... "dookie" - doughnut/cookie. However, the taste was impeccable... especially when instead of using chocolate glaze I used Nutella. Sinfully delicious! The people who I did bring them to actually devoured them which was still a warm feeling since they didn't turn out as they were supposed to. But it's good to know that even if you fail a recipe people will still eat them! Haha. I have a couple more recipes I'd like to try for baked doughnuts. I read people's blogs and I see their beautiful baked doughnuts why am I having such an awful time mastering them? Maybe they're all liars... maybe they are actually frying them then take pictures on a cookie tray to fool all of us. That must be it! Who am I kidding, I just need to go back to the "cutting" board and try again! Won't be for a while, until I get another weird doughnut craving however I am determined not to give up and try a fried recipe. Wish me luck!



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