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Mini Apple Pies

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I love love love mini foods. I don't bake them much myself because then I find I have too many of the same baked goods and that it could be harder to find people to eat them (I mean I live with one person...) These however, I made because I had an excuse... MOTHER'S DAY. Unfortunately however, they were not for my own mother, but someone as close to me as my own mom... my dad's girlfriend. Which come to think of it I never did hear back whether she liked them or not. I however really enjoyed them. I also brought a few into work and everyone there seemed to like them as well. The only criticism I would have is something that I did myself... and it was that I went a bit lazy on them and decided to use puff pastry instead of making actual pie dough. Don't get me wrong, the taste was amazing, it's just sometimes you forget how much it actually "puffs" up, so there was a lot of "puff" and when I was making the pies there were TONS of filling, I mean seeping over the edges, however, when they cooked there was a lot of air in between the top of the pies and the filling. Nonetheless, I love the buttery taste of puff pastry so I really shouldn't complain.
I would definitely suggest giving these a try, especially the lazy man version if you want a quick dessert and want to take the lazy way out. You can have one and not feel guilty because they are mini. Whether you decide to have 2 or 3 extra is your decision, but if you stick to the one it's all okay ;)Enjoy :)

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