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Canteloupe and Walnut Salad

This was just a quick salad that was tossed together. Canteloupe is my ultimate favourite fruit, and when my mom moved to Montreal for the film she is currently working on she decided to go grocery shopping. This resulted in me having THREE LARGE canteloupes. Yes, there was a lot. So I decided what better way to use up some fruit then throw 'em in a salad.

  • Canteloupe - as much as desired
  • Walnuts - handful
  • Red onion - few slices
  • Sea salt and pepper - to taste
  • Handful of greens
  • Feta cheese if desired
Toss everything in a bowl and serve. I did not use any dressing for this, because I like the individual ingredients in my meals to spring flavour. If I were to use a dressing it probably would have been a vinaigrette though.

This salad definitely made it feel like summer. I can't wait to have this on a nice warm day!

Enjoy :)

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