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Nobu's Spicy Shrimp Tempura

Recipe taken from absolutely love shrimp, and when I saw this post my mouth instantly began to water, I knew this was definitely on the menu for that evening. I wasn't really hungry, because I had eaten the spinach salad with burnt carrots, goat cheese and pine nuts. However, the aromas, and just everything about this "appetizer" or "side" whichever you would prefer threw my fullness away. These were absolutely amazing, just as Steven kept ranting about. Try it, and let me know, or let Steven know :) Also, even if you do not check this recipe out, definitely take a look at his blog, it will certainly be worth it in the kitchen :)


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Steven Dunn said...

Hey Samantha, thanks for the shout-out, and so glad to hear that you enjoyed the Tempura. I think you are doing some great food on your blog, and love your photography too. As a former culinary student myself, I'm looking forward to following your progress as you go off to baking school. For now, I'm gonna revisit your peanut butter cups and spinach and carrot salad....YUM!