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Bakerella's Cupcake Bites!

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My dad's birthday was yesterday, however, I was home a week ago and knew I wouldn't see him so I wanted to make him something before his birthday rather than later. I have always been in-love visually with cupcake bites, and have always wanted to try them so I figure'd hey why not?

Well, I had pre-bought everything so that the day I went home I could make them fairly easily. At first I was extremely excited, then I suddenly felt overwhelmed. I had used up a lot of the brown chocolate for my peanut butter cups, and just figured I would have heap loads of it left... well I didn't. I had soooo much coloured chocolate though, so an idea came to mind. Instead of cupcake bites, I would make ICECREAM POPS! (because I cannot just throw resources out, I needed to make something at least, even if it did set me up for disaster). With that being said, I made as many of the cupcake bites as I could, with the brown base. With the cupcakes I didn't have enough of, I did exactly what you would do for the cupcake bites just without the base, however, when I poured the coloured chocolate on, I didn't try to make it perfect, I wanted it to look like a chocolate sunday, with ooey-gooey chocolate sauce running down the sides, so that I did, and then topped the "top scoop" with a jelly bean or hard candy Easter egg for the cherry! I found the Mercken's chocolate REALLY REALLY weighed down the cupcake and I had a miserable time keeping the "icecream cone" on the stick. I decided, I didn't care if they stayed up on the stick when people ATE them, as long as they packaged nicely. Here I took out my clear plastic wrap, and gift wrapped them. Instead of giving my dad 100 little cupcakes, I thought I would spread the love and give it to my friends and family. In the end I'm glad I did that. My dad absolutely loved them, called me three times to tell me how amazing they were, and repeatedly told me so as I was at his house as well. He kept saying though "Wow Sam, these are soooo heavy". I wrapped them in a Tim Horton's donut box, and needless to say they wanted to come out, they were way too heavy for that box. I also got lots of thanks from others I gave them too, especially my two three year old cousins. Chocolate and sugar definitely are a hit with children!

Overall, I found these to be a little time consuming, and a little messy... I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate sticky hands, why I want to become a baker is beyond me, I probably wash my hands a couple dozen times as I am preparing one dessert... but overall, the outcome of the cupcake bites is definitely worth it, even if all you want to do is spread a little bit of love, you'll have people running to you and giving you some!Enjoy!

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