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French Onion Soup

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I am not a soup person. I never have been, unless it includes tomato juice. I mean, my macaroni and cheese bathed in tomato juice. I am not a HUGE fan of tomatoes, becoming more of one now, but there is something about dishes with tomato juice. There has always been an exception for me when it comes to soup though... apart from Lipton's chicken noodle, but that is French onion soup. This has just always struck me as an amazing soup. It might of been because at the time it incorporated my two favourite foods: bread and cheese... I am French after all. The only down side to French onion soup is that they are always made with beef stock, so whenever I go out, I always debate it, and usually end up going for a salad. It's different at home, you can substitute for vegetable stock or what not.
When I found the above recipe I was in heaven. Not only did it not have beef stock, used water instead, but it had molasses! I looooooove molasses. My mom always uses brown sugar for her soup, and I'm sure that definitely adds up the calories. Molasses has such a kick of flavour that you don't need much to taste it, which means less calories, woohoo.
Anywho, I have never made French onion soup, I always just got my mom to make it. I had been craving it so much though and finding this recipe was just fate. Since Tim Horton's decided to stop making this soup a regular one, I needed to try it for myself, and am I ever glad I did.

The soup was really good, the ONLY thing I would change is either substitute the water for vegetable stock or add in some extra spices. I'm not a salt person in the least, I never put salt on anything, only in my cooking and at that it is minimal. However, I found that the stock itself was just a BIT bland. I added some sea salt and it made it delicious. It really is a good recipe especially if you're trying to cut fat and calories.
Hope you enjoyed :)

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