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Banana Biscotti

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Again getting back to my nationality, biscotti is definitely something an Italian needs to know how to bake (regardless of whether or not they actually like biscotti). Me, am I a fan of them? Eh... not so much. I'd rather hit my cookie tin up for a world's best chocolate chip cookie, or a banana chocolate chip cookie or even the anise cookies I made. However, this recipe made me want to come back for more biscotti... the ones I made weren't as... let me put it this way, you wouldn't be able to break your teeth on the biscotti I made! They were still dry and hard, but they had a soft texture to them as well, which you don't normally see in biscotti's. Nonetheless if biscotti isn't your cookie but you've always been attracted to them check this recipe out for sure. As well, simply check out Annie's blog, her's is definitely one of my favourite blogs, and find myself constantly perusing it, even though I've already gone through it about three times... haha. Enjoy! :)

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