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Mexican Snickerdoodles + Hot Chocolate on a Spoon

Mexican Snickerdoodles

Recipe taken from here

For the past couple of weeks it seems as though "Mexican Snickerdoodles" are popping up everywhere. I love cayenne pepper, and I really enjoy Snickerdoodles so I thought what is there to lose. Considering everyone has been making them and has been giving such good feedback about them I figured why not.Oiii... I tried this cookie, and no, I did not like it, not one bit. Some of it may have to do with the fact that it was chocolate, however, the recipe I followed (not the recipe I linked, I couldn't find the recipe I used... the recipe I linked has much less cayenne so it might be okay), however, there was just way too much cayenne. It felt as though a whole bottle of cayenne had been dumped in the cookies, however, I know that's not the case because I was VERY meticulous when I put the cayenne in because I know just how hot it can be if you go crazy. I just... I really was not impressed with these. I brought them into work and people did like them, maybe I've just become a sissy and can't handle as much spice anymore... I don't know. I'm still determined to try it again, perhaps Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark or something, we shall see.

Hot Chocolate on a Spoon

Recipe adapted from here

Note: I'm aware of how atrocious these pictures are, the lighting was absolutely horrid and I didn't have enough time to try and work with it :(

I had mentioned in a post or two prior to this that I was making a "cookie box" for the two accountants I was working, when I found this recipe I knew that it would be perfect for the one accountant. While most people are coffee drinkers, he was a hot chocolate man, kudos to that because so am I. I had seen this recipe popping up for quite a while, and when I was making the box for them I thought what perfect addition to it. For Susan I added some of the homemade vanilla, and Darren had mentioned that his wife never bakes so I figured, perfect.

I'm not sure how they tasted because I gave him the whole batch, but they were definitely cute. They were a little bit all over the place since the ice cube tray I used was star shape and the chocolate I was working with wasn't as spreadable as I was intending it to be. Nevertheless it worked out and they definitely looked cute. I was happy with the outcome, and I definitely think this is a perfect addition to any homemade gift for the season especially for people who aren't coffee fans and/or have younger children at home.


  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate (bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white chocolate all work)
  • 1/4 cup Rolo hot chocolate mix
  • 1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar, sifted
  • 1 1/2 tsp milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sprinkles for decorations
  • (6 cups milk and 2 cups heavy cream if you plan to enjoy these as soon as you make them ;) )

If your chocolate is in a block, chop it into even-sized meltable pieces. Simmer a couple inches of water in a pan, then turn down the heat so the water is below a simmer. I like to remove the pan from the heat, but if you keep it on, keep that water below a simmer. Place glass or stainless steel bowl over the top to make a double boiler. If the bowl touches the water it’s alright, as long as your water is mildly warm, not hot. Dump chocolate into the clean, dry bowl and stir as the chocolate melts. (If you are patient and let those chunks melt slowly, keeping them from getting over 90 degrees F or 88 degrees F for milk and white chocolate, the chocolate will stay “in temper” and will still be nice and pretty when it cools.)

Once the chocolate is 2/3 melted, with just some pieces of the chocolate unmelted, remove the bowl from the pan, dry the bottom with a towel and continue stirring until chocolate is fully melted. This is just one more step to keep the chocolate from getting too hot.

Add hot chocolate mix, sugar, and salt and continue to stir until combined. The chocolate will be thicker, as thick as frosting, but stir on. If it looks and feels grainy it’s possible you’ve accidentally gotten a drop of water in the mixture. If it has gotten water in it and has seized up, it will still taste alright, it just won’t be as pretty or smooth or melt quite as fast.
Scoop chocolate into a ziplock bag and clip off the corner.

Pipe the chocolate into your chocolate mold, tapping the mold on the counter to make sure all the chocolate settles into the mold. Add a stir stick and you’re done. The stir stick should stay upright without any trouble. If the chocolate bursts through the bag in places you don’t want it to, just put the whole thing in another bag. If the chocolate starts to get too thick to squeeze, just put the whole thing in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds or so at half power.
Let the chocolate cool either at room temperature or in the fridge if you’re in a hurry. I find the chocolate pops out of the mold nicely if it’s been in the fridge. It’s okay to cool chocolate in the fridge, just don’t store it there, because chocolate soaks up the odors of other foods pretty quickly.

If you don’t like the look of the chocolate once it is removed from the mold, you can dip the cubes into a new batch of plain melted chocolate for a shinier finish (again, try to keep chocolate from heating over 90 degrees, or use candy melts, which don’t need to be in temper, they will stay shiny and pretty even if you go above 90 degrees). This also lets you add sprinkles or crushed candy or just lets you dip in fun patterns. I like dipping at an angle into a different color of chocolate.

In order to enjoy these, heat up any combo of milk, water, half and half, or cream. I like 6 cups milk with 2 cups heavy cream. One ounce of chocolate on a stick should be melted into one cup milk or cream. So a standard ice cube-tray block, which is 3/4 an ounce, should be melted into a mug with 3/4 cup milk or cream in it.

How to store it: Dark chocolate will keep in an airtight container for up to a year, milk and white chocolate for several months. Remember, don’t keep it in the fridge because it is really good at absorbing odors.

This recipe is perfect because you really can alter it to meet the persons tastes' and there are tons and tons of different options from the type of chocolate, to the types of hot chocolate, the spices added, the extracts used, to even the sprinkles you want to decorate them with, be adventurous and try it for yourself!

Enjoy :)

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