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Rice Krispy Thumbprint Cookies

Recipe taken from here

I knew immediately when I saw these I had to make them. Rice Krispies again, nomnomnom. I loved these. I loved them so much... I had... five while I was making them... I even put my homemade strawberry jam on them, and oh man, did that make these dangerous. They were so good. The only downside I found to these cookies is that the jam soaked them, and a few of them had holes in them. However, my cookies became significantly larger, I'm not sure why. Like, almost triple in size, I've never had that with any of my cookies, especially a stiff batter like this one. No complaints though, I loved them just as much. I did noticed however... I got sick of making thumbprints in every cookie, so I decided to make a dozen and a half without anything in them, also for people who don't like jam or Nutella, yes I put Nutella in some as well, that they could have another option. These ones stayed tiny, which was good :)!

Enjoy them as much as I do :)!

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Lucy's Soup Can said...

I bet these are good. I love rice krispies. The possibilities are endless.