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Raspberry Gelato - No Ice Cream Maker Needed!

Recipe taken from here

I was so excited when I found this recipe. Not only was I having the biggest raspberry cravings ever, but it was gelato WITHOUT an ice cream maker. Immediately I pulled out my food processor, this being said, it was 6:30 in the morning, I'm crazy I know. I started pulsing the raspberries, oh the colour was gorgeous, and the seeds poking out made me extremely excited. I used a full bag of frozen raspberry's 1/4 cup of cream and two teaspoons of sugar. I found that even with that small amount of sugar it was still incredibly sweet. I loved this, and cannot wait to try this recipe again with other fruits such as strawberry and banana, fieldberry's, mango and peaches, oh the possibilities! This is a must try if you don't have an ice cream maker! Enjoy :)

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