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Mediterranean Hummus Pizza

When you think of pizza's you usually think of meat's, tons of cheese, sauce, and sometimes some vegetables, I mean unless you're vegetarian or simply don't like meat. However, even with just vegetables your pizza can still be really unhealthy. Depending on the type of bread, if you have your stuffed crust, what kind of sauce you like, and the additional toppings. This recipe however, eliminates a lot of those fats.

On this pizza you have prrrroootein, and not from meat. From the hummus, i.e. chickpeas, which are loaded with vitamins, protein, fibre and more. You have your vegetables, which c'mon, everyone knows those are healthy. Lastly, you have your cheese for your calcium, vitamin D, etc etc...

Onto the recipe... the only thing I changed was that I didn't use feta, I used peppercorn goat cheese instead, and instead of using bread, I used puff pastry. For whatever reason, it doesn't hurt when I eat puff pastry so I decided to treat myself. I have to say this was such a nice recipe. Not only did it taste fantastic, easy to make, barely took any time at all, but I got to use up some of my vegetables! Yahoo! Now onto the recipe

Hope you enjoy this!

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