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Homemade Pop Tarts

Can you say yum? I remember as a kid loving pop tarts. Up until a few years ago, I really wasn't a breakfast person. I mean, I ate it once in a while, and when I did it consisted of Mr. Noodles, Macaroni and Cheese, or a honking bowl of ice cream... errrr, weird right? At that, what were my parents thinking allowing me to eat stuff like that for breakfast? Kidding... sort of, considering it is the most important meal of the day. I have come a long way and now eat very healthy, breakfast, lunch and dinner, so... all's well. However, just like breakfasts', my snacks weren't healthy either, apart from the occasional popcorn bags here and there. Pop tarts were one of my favourite... I mean, it did have fruit in it... hahaha... but yeah. This is an incredibly easy recipe to make, and really, you should have all these ingredients on hand!

Mine only made 5. I used raspberry jam. I made these for my brother's birthday. Growing up he really loved pop tarts, and raspberries are his favourite fruit, so it was a win win. I have not heard back from him as to whether he enjoyed it or not, but I only gave him four and kept one for me. I have to say I was in heaven. I didn't toast it or anything, just ate it like that, it was a little piece of heaven in my mouth... in my opinion. I dare you to try this recipe.

Enjoy :)

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