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I am very excited for this post! This was such a good day for food for me! Everything was absolutely wonderful. I woke up this morning and kept tossing and turning, saying that I would get and go get groceries in five minutes. Every five minutes I would something else, make breakfast, go sit down, five more minutes, brush my teeth, sit down, put make up on, sit down, look at more recipes, talk on Msn, look at more recipes... my dad went like this until ONE in the afternoon! I don't know why I was so lazy, considering I woke up at 9:53 am, there should be no reason for this.

I'm glad I walked to the grocery store though, it was so beautiful out. I kept thinking over and over what I was planning on making for Easter dinner. Unfortunately I cannot make it home for Easter this year, so I will be making dinner for the bf, my dad, and my brother. Second year in a row! Maybe this will be the new tradition where I make Easter dinners. I like the sound of that! This is the first year where I don't eat poultry, so none will be served on my table, yes I'm making others suffer as well. Kidding, bf doesn't eat that either, and my brother get's a special meal since he's kind of picky, and my dad, well it'd be a waste to just make it for one person, so fish it's going to be. Wait until you see what I'm planning for our meal! I cannot wait to make it :)!

I don't know how long I spent walking around the grocery store, all I know is I walked around for almost an hour... the best part is I was exercising and doing something I enjoy as well. Thankfully I only spent $33.o0 so it's not even like I was buying the whole store.
So, last night for dinner, I was going to make myself cabbage salad with cucumber and tomato boats, instead, I ate nothing. I made homemade donuts, which you'll see soon, and ate one of those and it honestly really filled me up. I ate two strawberries at two in the morning, but that's as close as it came to dinner.

I still really wanted to eat these cucumber and tomato boats so I decided to make it tonight, even though I had already planned to make egg drop soup. I thought it would be a nice side though. So I made both.
Well, it didn't really go like that. I had started to get the ingredients ready for the soup, I told the bf to text me when he would be ten minutes away from home so that I could put the soup on. Thirty minutes went by and he still wasn't home, at this point my stomach is growling like crazy. I put the soup on high, its boiling, so I decide to put it to minimum for a while. Still haven't heard from him, so I think to myself, what can go with this, because he will not get full off of just soup (he had school all day, and didn't bring a lunch). So, I took out my crab rangoons (ohhhh, I CANNOT wait to make those homemade!) Anyways, as I was searching I remember CUCUMBER BOATS! Immediate put the rangoons away, it was late at night, and didn't want that fat in me anyways, would rather have that at lunch time. And so, I took out the recipe and started making the boats!
Boy oh boy am I glad I saved this recipe -, it was so light, refreshing, crispy, and just perfect! It really hit the spot, make me feel like it was summer, mmmm these will be AMAZING come the summer time. Great appetizer (I may even be using it for Easter...) The only things I changed to this recipe is that I used old cheddar, instead of mozzarella and instead of using EVOO + balsamic vinegar I used balsamic vinaigrette. These were divine, definitely a must-try.

Onto the soup. I went into the bf's room to photograph my boats, his room has the "God lamp" as we like to call it, (it emits the same light frequency or what not as the sun, so it's good for people when they're studying because you can stay awake since it emits the same... UV? as the sun) Anyways, I saw him talking outside on the phone, so I took my photographs quickly then went to finish the soup. Ughhhh, it was soooo good.

I went over to my dad's a while ago, and he made this Italian soup called Stracciatella, it is pretty much this soup, just with less stuff in it, I will eventually make it again. I like soups like this since I don't eat noodles, it allows me to still be able to eat soup! Nothing was changed in the egg drop soup recipe except that I omitted the salt, since there was broth used, and most broths contain a lot of sodium, I did however use a lot of pepper!

After dinner was done, and eaten, he still wanted to eat more. I decided to make chocolate pudding. But my friends, this is no ordinary pudding you see. It is buried with secret ingredients. Before I go on, I would like to say, do not judge the recipe before you try it. My biggest pet peeve is when people say "ewww, that's disgusting" before they have even tried it. Ignorance is not bliss, especially when it comes to foods. You have to open and willing to try to new things. I am so so glad I found this recipe. I do not like pudding, except if it's pistachio, but I was still willing to try this out, even with it's secret ingredients.
If you did not check out the recipe, the ingredient I keep referring to as "secret" is spinach. As you may be able to see in my pictures, there were a few pieces floating around. The food processor I use is so so tiny, that it is sometimes really difficult to get everything chopped small, and I didn't chop the spinach up beforehand to save on time. I absolutely LOVED this. It was amazing, and honestly, it's a great meal, it's packed with so much nutrition, and it was great for me, because I do not get enough fat in my diet, so this is definitely a nice way of incorporating some in.

Just for kicks... when Izzy visited me last week I kept noticing her taking bites at my cell phone chord. I didn't realize how bad it was, until my phone died last week right before my phone interview. I couldn't get my phone to charge! She bit, so hard in two places, that the wire is barely connected anymore. I "taped" my wire up using band-aids, (I moved the majority of my stuff from last week since I will be moving back home in a few weeks, and my tape was amongst those things so I settled for the next best thing). Luckily this saved me, and yes, I did get the job! Hooray! Anyways, my phone died today, and I had to use the dreaded wire. Oh, it took 45 minutes to finally get it to charge. I tried manipulating the wire in so many ways... this is eventually what got the wire to work. Weird eh? It was definitely wrapped around that handle twice. I don't know what made me even try that, I guess I was THAT desperate. It made for fun times trying to get through that hallway. Anyways, hope you are having a fantastic week so far!

See you soon, enjoy :)!

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