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Ginger Fried Rice with an Egg

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This is a recipe we have both really been wanting to try. The bf and I usually go out for either sushi during the week, or Vietnamese on the weekend. We have been cutting it down however, so this week we decided not to go out at all. Instead we had this, instead of going for Vietnamese. Oh my goodness! This dish was absolutely amazing. I had never had leeks before, and were they ever delicious. The ginger and the garlic with the leeks, brilliant! This was so good. The bf had just bought a new computer, so I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, when he ate it, I don't think he knew what hit him. "WHAT IS THIS! IT'S AMAZING!" Yup... this recipe really is. I even had seconds, and I haven't gone up for seconds in a loooong time (trying to watch weight), but this, I just couldn't resist. This is definitely a must try recipe, it is also very simple, that if you do not know how to cook, you could still pull this off!

Note: nothing was changed, therefore I am not going to write the ingredients, check above link if you want to try this awesome dish out!

Enjoy :)

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