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Fried egg with spinach and asparagus

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Not sure what to cook for any of these meals? How about a nice fried egg with some green green vegetables? If that doesn't sound appetizing to you, I worry. I woke up one morning and jumped out of bed asking the bf if he wanted breakfast, a real breakfast not the protein shake I make him every morning. To my delight, he said yes! After clinking around the kitchen for a bit, I had prepared a fried egg, pan seared some asparagus and laid each of those on a bed of fresh spinach. I didn't do anything to the spinach, just left as is. To top it off, we added some Wafu (Japanese mayo). I didn't have any, because I had already eaten, but boy did it look good!
If perhaps you aren't a spinach fan, and think that this meal doesn't have enough carbs or starches, why not lay it on a bed of potatoes? Or have some toast? The possibilities are endless! Try it out for yourself, enjoy!

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