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Fennel and Celery salad with Pumpkin Seeds

Recipe taken from I didn't use fresh parmesan, I used grated to use up what I had + cut costs, so the picture doesn't look as nice, looks more so like tons of dandruff flakes swimming around some vegetables. So, if you really would like to try out this recipe and see just how good it tastes, visit the above blog for ingredients and an amazing looking picture!

As I mentioned with the mango salad, there are so many salads out there that aren't just your typical green salad. It's actually going out, doing a little bit of research and seeing that the possibilities really are endless. When I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it, because, well, it reminded me of my Italian family. Yes, I attach a lot of emotions with my food, it's pretty bad... at least I don't get sucked into it as much as I did before, and can actually tell myself not to go on a cookie binge anymore :). Nonetheless, I was at my aunts house a couple months ago and tried fennel. I was extremely skeptical at first, (only in the past year am I REALLY eating vegetables... and well healthy food for that manner. Before, I taught myself to cook, my diet literally consisted of homemade macaroni and cheese, cheese and crackers, French bread with peanut butter and butter, and I don't know, toss a couple canteloupes and orangers here and there... not joking, you could ask my room mates about it...) So, I knew I needed to jump off that, so that, first off I wasn't a tub when I'm older and could pass could eating habits to my children, but after taking a nutrition course I think that's when everything unravelled into my hands, and I realized it was time for a change... again off course, so yes, was very skeptical of the fennel at first. BUT, then I realized it almost tasted like anise, and I was quite impressed with this extremely bizarre looking... thing. I introduced the salad to the bf, and he liked it as well, so that means that I've got the green light with more fennel recipes I have saved! Yum!

Hope you enjoy :)

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