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Surprise Brownie Bites

Cookies N' Cream Surprise Brownie Bites

Caramel Surprise Brownie Bites

These brownies were so incredibly easy to make, barely took any ingredients, came out very well, and were a gigantic hit. I had been to the grocery store and saw caramel and cookies and cream Kisses. I had never seen these before and knew I had to make something that consisted of these ingredients. I had my aunt's wedding coming up in less than a week, and she had asked me prior to make some cupcakes for the children who were intending. I thought what better thing to make then brownies, loads of sugar, chocolate, and the parents were there to supervise! To my delight, this is exactly what happened. The children devoured them, I came out with about 80 brownies, and there were less than 20 left, and there were only 60 people attending the wedding, and barely any children, hahaha. These were amazing brownies. Extremely photograph heavy, I just loved the look of these little guys, however, the lighting was really bad unfortunately.

Caramel Surprise Brownie Bites

  • 2 boxes Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix (or any brownie mix of your choice)
  • 1 package Cookies n' Cream chocolate Kisses
  • 1 package Caramel chocolate Kisses
  • 1 container of Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate icing (or any flavour of your choice)
  • Toppings of your choice -
  • For the Cookies n' Cream brownies I chose Oreo's for half and the other half I used the 100 calories Chips Ahoy thin crisps
  • For the Caramel brownies I chose half Mars bars and the other half Snickers bars, then decided to make them even more sugar-y and put fresh caramel OVER the chocolate bars
Cookies N' Cream Surprise Brownie Bites


Make your brownies as directed on the box

When these are ready, take out your mini muffin tray. Pour a little bit of batter in the muffin tray, gently place a kiss in the middle, letting only the tip of it peak out. When the brownies get cooked the tip will disappear. Do this for all the brownies.

Cook. When done cooking, place desired toppings on top.

Serve, and watch the children's faces light up as if it were Christmas!

Cookies N' Cream Surprise Brownie Bites

Enjoy :)

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