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White Chocolate Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

Recipe taken from here
This was an amaziiiing cookie. I usually don't even try my cookies anymore when I make them... but I tried them. Boy did I try them. I tried one, then two, then three, and gobbled a few more down. I felt so guilty afterward, but boy did it feel good at the time. I have really began to like blueberries this summer, I don't know if it's a different breed or what, but I really am not a blueberry fan. This summer however though, boy do I gobble them down! And these cookies, especially mixed with the white chocolate and the oatmeal, oh they were marvelous. You definitely need to try these out, especially if you've gone blueberry picking and have tons and tons of blueberries and don't simply want blueberry pies ;)


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