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Matcha Biscotti with Candied Ginger and Slivered Almonds

Recipe taken from here
I had made biscotti a couple months back, they were so good, they did contain some of my most favourite ingredients so I am a little biased. I have never been much a fan of biscotti, however, I was attracted to this recipe since it involved ginger, matcha AND almonds. Three ingredients that aren't only healthy, have many health benefits and are usually on hand, but they just go so so well together. These were some of the most amazing biscotti's I have ever had. Despite their hardness I was still in-love with them. I don't drink tea or coffee, which may be why I don't like biscotti that much since they are always hard when I eat them, and I pretty much only like soft cookies. These however, even with nothing to dip them in are good. They taste like a hardened shortbread cookie. The candied ginger adds some spice that just hits the spot. I added more than was stated and didn't think that it was overpowering, with the amount of matcha and almonds I think even with the added ginger it was still amazing. This is a must-have biscotti recipe. If I haven't convinced you yet, I'm not sure what will, other than making it yourself!
Enjoy :)

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