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Curried Tofu Salad with Green Apple and Carrots

This was hands down one of the best "easy" salads I've ever had. It had so many different flavours and they all just meshed so well together. At first I was kind of taken aback by the cumin since I'm not much a fan, but the sweetness from the carrots and the apple was FANTASTIC. I'm going to post a link, since I took some ideas for the actual salad part, and made the dressing as is -

For the salad -


  • Approximately 20 baby carrots, cut into matchsticks
  • 1 large green apple, cut into matchsticks
  • 1 package coconut curried tofu - this is the most amazing tofu EVER, it's already marinated, all you have to do is cut and cook
  • Couple handfuls of mixed greens

Toss all your ingredients (except for the tofu) in a bowl. Since this tofu already has flavours and such in it, I simply put it in the frying pan, I don't even add oil to it. It takes about a minute to cook and then its ready. When it gets crispy around the edges it's even better. Once the tofu is done pour it on top of your salad.

For the salad dressing follow the above link!

Hope you'll try this out :)!

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