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Soy-Dipped Radish Salad

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So, I have never tried radishes. The only thing I knew about these pretty looking vegetables is that they are apparently spicy. I have had this recipe in my archives for quite a while now, and the other day while at the grocery store I finally mustered the courage to put a bunch in my shopping cart. Well, the other night I didn't have dinner, and at about 10:40 pm I was beginning to get really hungry (I don't after 9:00 pm so I was surprised I was even contemplating making it). Well, I made it, that's for sure, but did I try it? Well, I gave a bowl to the bf, and well he apparently really enjoyed it. I did however try ONE, and I did like the taste, so I would probably make this again to see if I really do like it. With the little bit left of the one's that didn't go into the bf's first bowl he made a sandwich. He really loves sandwiches, and makes the weirdest one's at times... you're lucky he doesn't blog, hahaha.

Try it out, let me know :)

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