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Rainbow Cake: WARNING, Picture Heavy!

Last week a couple of friends and I had decided we were going to do a nice dinner + dessert before we all part ways this summer. However, seeing as there are certain foods that I cannot eat, it made it a little difficult, since I had picked to do desserts. So, in the end we decided to just have dinner separately and just have dessert together, I didn't mind since I still got to make an awesome cake.
The cake I decided to make was a rainbow cake. So, I went to the grocery store and bought the dreaded extra fluffy white cake box x2. (The reason I say dreaded is because... well it didn't work in my Wilton cake pan, and it didn't really work here either).
I was going to make it the day of because I wanted it to be ultra-fresh, but I mean when you have everything in front of you how can you wait until the next day to make it? It's hard, and well I failed at that, haha. So, at eleven o'clock at night I started mixing batter, adding food colouring and cooking cakes. The colours were gorgeous, the smell was amazing, and soon enough the first three cakes were done! I let them sit... not very long, and tried taking them out. The first one split in half... I'm already beginning to worry. I wasn't taking them out of the pan to put the icing on, no I was wanting to put them on the cooling rack so that they wouldn't burn. Well all three of them broke. I started to show my frustration. Bf stepped in being calm and rational unlike myself and started helping me. He got the cakes looking gorgeous.
The next three colours went in. This time, we decided (well, more so he) we should put them in the fridge for a while. We had them in for 15-20 minutes. The blue and green completely fell apart. Here, I honestly really wanted to cry. I wanted this cake to be as perfect as I imagined and it just went wrong. I was already having a bad enough day, why did my baking have to turn it's back on me as well? The purple however, came out beautifully. It was thick, moist, and just lush to look at.We had iced the cake, and put it together... well being the photo-crazed blogger as I was, I made a pretty stupid decision. My decision being: let's put all the crappy pieces on one side so that I have a nice picture for my blog! I'm not sure why he agreed to this, being the scientist he is, he should of known it would not hold up. However, this is what we did... and well, it started leaning to one side really really quickly. We needed pegs, thankfully I had my sticks from the cupcake bites I made. We stuck three in, forming a triangle to give it a little bit of a structure. It worked, but it was still really scary. So, we took our pictures, then cut a few pieces so that it wouldn't fall during the night... I mean, that would just be horrible.

When I woke up, I had the biggest piece of cake in my life. I don't know what it was... I think the colours, but I just couldn't stop eating... I did that the next day as well, and the day after that... smart idea. There were so much pressure on the sticks that they bent... This cake was huge. We took pictures with sprinkle bottles just to show how tall this cake actually was. So onto how to make this, it really is a simple cake to make. It may take a little effort, but you'll look like an amazing baker when you show up with this. People won't expect it to be all gorgeous inside when there is just white icing on the outside. I mean, imagine if you had this cake when you were a kid? You'd be the coolest kid around. Heck, even as an adult you would be the coolest one around, hahaha.

  • Cake mix boxes x2 (unless you want to go all out, and make your cakes, but I was far too lazy for that one)
  • Food colouring or food gels
  • Icing (I used the biggest icing tub I could, if you're going to use the small ones I would say buy two)
Mix your batter and equally divide the mix into six different bowls (or if you want to do what I did; I mixed each box separately so that I didn't have three colours sitting out). When you have your batter divided add your colours. Put them into the oven and watch them rise, or go and do something else haha.
When they are out of the oven, I would suggest keeping them in the fridge to cool for thirty minutes, another reason as to why I would only do one box at a time. By putting them in the fridge it gives them time to settle, and thicken. This will also help for when you're taking them out that they won't just all fall into a million pieces like mine did.

When cooled, get your spatula and start icing.
Once assembled, show this cake off to your friends and look amazing ;)
See it really was as simple as 1, 2, 3... even if there was a little mishap in the process.

I mean with that mishap I got tons of crumbs... but, I mean, they were colourful crumbs, who doesn't mind cleaning if the mess is absolutely beautiful? I know I don't! If all messes were that gorgeous I would definitely agree to clean even more than I already do.



Hope you enjoyed this!

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