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Birthday time...!

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
Happy birthday to me...

I could not of asked for a more amazing birthday.

I got to work, and got the greatest card ever ...

...needless to say there is an inside joke that comes with this
but it started my day off amazingly well.

Did a few hours of work, then I was surprised with going for "lunch" on Blue Mountain State's set.
There, as I was walking with the producer, my mom, and my friend who came with me... we were talking and I look over to this guy sitting on a chair.
Thinking absolutely nothing of it... a few seconds later I realize it's my brother.
*note: here I apparently did a wickedly weird crazy dance when I eventually realized it was him.
My heart was soooo full of love, I couldn't believe he drove up a day early to come visit me.
I had absolutely NO idea he was surprising me (he even deleted me off of BBM so that I wouldn't know).

... needless to say my brother and I come from the same mold.

We then headed for lunch...

... my friend and I before entering the lunch hall
After sitting for a while... where I was munching down on four large scoops of maple ice cream... also after I had two cupcakes for breakfast, and three crazy delicious macaron bars... yes, today was a very indulgent day to say the least..., the hall sort of went silent because the most beautiful actor (seriously, he makes me drool) Alan Ritchson (am I right ladies??) comes out bringing out a vanilla frosted cake singing happy birthday.
At this point my face is as red as a tomato, because everyone in the lunch room, actors/backgrounds/writers, whomever else are all turned looking at me, singing... oiii
Yes, I have never had that many set of eyes looking at me at once.
I was so amazed, my mom and our producer and whoever else involved who set this up, keeping the secrets, arranging everything absolutely rock.

I could not of asked for a more amazing birthday.
I may not of been back home with all of my family, but I had my mom and brother,
I had friends around me that I've come to truly love,
and the love shared by strangers was just, I felt incredibly blessed.
It's going to be hard to compete with this birthday, because as of yet, this has been the best one.
I truly could not of asked for a better day.
Tomorrow night I will be going out a few people from work, my brother, my friends husband's friends, and... it's just something I'm really looking forward to.
As I mentioned the other day, I hate birthdays, but with one like this... I couldn't imagine hating my birthday.

The cake may not of been vegan, heck, it surely was not vegan...
but, as I will be explaining (I'm preparing a post... describing my past few years, and my views on certain things now... which will take a few days to write up especially since my brother is here for the next week), but I do sometimes indulge in non-vegan goods, today was definitely an exception.
I'm sorry vegan gods, please forgive me.
But the cake, oh, it was loaded with icing, and it was cheap icing, but holy moly did I ever love it.
Filled with a wonderful custard-like substance, I don't know.

(this was ugh... after it got cut into ;) ... )

Needless to say, I'm still feeling incredibly happy, 
thank you to all of those involved!

 ... I'm not sure how many pictures we took (also 'scuse the bra popping out) but I have a problem where I cannot keep my eyes open, flash or no flash my eyes like to close

Myself + broski + mama = love

- Samantha xo

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