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Scallop Burgers

Scallop Burgers
Recipe taken from here

My mom has always had sort of a... problem when it comes to buying food. Even with her being gone and working in another province for the past four months I still see results of this problem. By problem I mean, it's not that it's a HORRIBLE thing, but there is always an overabundance and a lot of food gets spoiled. That in itself does not sit well with me, because ever since I went away to school and had to pay for my own food I realized how important it is to shop for what you need and eat what you have, don't let food go to waste! I think that is part of the reason that I started becoming so interested in food. I started looking at blogs and realized you can truly make dozens, hundreds, thousands of different variations using different ingredients. Spices are the most amazing gift mother nature has to give in my opinion. When I started looking at blogs, I started getting ideas in my head, would type them in and POOF look at that, there are recipes for what I was thinking, or recipes I could get inspiration from.

One morning, I woke up in a mood of I need to clear some of the remaining food I have not yet used up since my mother has left. What was the chosen food? It was scallops. I had had salmon burgers as well as crab burgers, but never had I had or even heard of scallop burgers. I decided to jump out of bed, literally, and started hammering my fingers on the keyboard. Low and behold scallop burgers are a real thing, OBVIOUSLY they are, I mean, everything is... but I was so happy.

Onto my drawing board I went, i.e. my kitchen. Took out the food processor and started pulsing. I was so excited. Threw in my ingredients, got the oil and started frying.

I liked these a lot, because, they were something new to me. I had literally only tried scallops a couple weeks previously, and that was deep fried scallops, so to say the least it was a very different way of cooking them. I don't know if scallops are very fishy, or if it was because mine had been in the freezer for a couple of months, and that was the only thing I didn't enjoy about the burgers. I would make these again though, I would however try them with fresh scallops rather than frozen to see the difference, but overall, yes I did like them a lot.

Enjoy :)

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