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Corn and Peas Stir-Fry with Pine Nuts

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Sorry for the horrible lighting/pictures, we have gotten nothing but horrible horrible weather the past week, and I can't just not take a picture... so I've had to settle with these yellow-ish foggy looking pictures. When I make this dish again, I will take new pictures and re-post them on here! So bare with me until then :)

I'm not sure what screams out summer more than a honking bowl of green peas and corn. This recipe has so many flavours it really is a party in your mouth. The ginger adds a wonderful punch to the vegetables. This is such a great recipe not only is it healthy, but as you can see on Rasa Malaysi's blog this dish also means full of "gold and jade". Hope this dish will help me get a little bit of that!

Hope you will try this dish out, it is extremely easy and to boot taste' great :)

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